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World’s first holistic productivity tool.

Translate your long-term vision into daily priorities. Awera fuels your personal growth with powerful data-driven recommendations.

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Awera app

Some think the road to success is paved with endless to-do lists and sleepless nights. Others, inspired by Buddhist monks, search for happiness by practicing gratitude and mindfulness, taking every day as it comes.

If you ask the productivity freaks, however, they’ll tell you it’s all about systems and habits, but that’s not enough. Somewhere in between the constant hustle, morning meditations and habit tracking, we discovered what the real key is…


Cultivating a deeper sense of awareness is what’s going to radically transform your life. Awareness will ensure you focus on what’s most important, and push you to grow with each day.

Awera app

A new approach for a future you.

The power behind your priorities
The fewer things we focus on, the more focus we can truly give them. If everything is a priority, then nothing is.
Design your day, design your life
Plan your schedule around your priorities, so that they always get done.
No more morning chaos
Establish a daily planning ritual, so you can regain control over your time. Enjoy more freedom for deep and creative work, but also meaningful rest.
Dig deeper
Only when we get to the bottom of why we complete certain tasks, but miss out on others, can we significantly improve our performance.
The big picture in all its glory
Take a more holistic view of your life through the different roles you have.
Translate your long-term vision into bite-sized daily tasks

See how your future plans and short-term actions connect to one another through a unique view.

Data-driven personal growth at your fingertips
Get insights on your performance and personalized recommendations for continuous growth.
Discover a decade of curiosity & research
An inspiring space of actionable knowledge you can apply right away.

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