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The Awera Methodology

Awera’s purpose is to help you focus on the daily actions with the highest impact while guiding you to create a sustainable path to success and growth.​

The Old Way

Do we need to pick between being successful career-wise and being happy in our personal lives? Choosing financial gains or following our passion. Being a productive overachiever or having sweet freedom. The list goes on and on.

However, this mindset usually leads to a disaster sooner or later. The go-getters push so hard that they end up burning out.The ones who are more laid-back simply cannot sustain this kind of lifestyle and ultimately fail in turning their dreams into reality.

The Holistic Approach

Approaching productivity from a holistic point of view, we’ve come to understand your work life and your personal life are strongly interdependent. They both require a lot of attention and effort. In the long term, one will ultimately fail without the other!

Thus, the Awera methodology transcends both alternatives. Rather than choosing between success at all costs or a fun and enjoyable lifestyle, we are creating a third option where all the different aspects of your life come together and complement each other.

The more you invest in growing as a person (health, mind, emotions, spirit), the more effective you will be at your work. Likewise, the more successful you are at what you do, the better lifestyle you will be able to secure in order to support your personal growth and well-being.

Awera’s 3-Step Cycle

Having in mind the concepts from above, we’ve developed a solid, yet straightforward approach to tackling your ambitious to-do list. It’s a daily 3-step cycle that will keep you motivated, focused, and accountable. Let’s take a look at its model:

1. Plan

prioritize across all roles

  • Consider all your life roles
  • Decide on your top daily priorities

Everything starts with a clear plan. Doing this properly will set a strong foundation for your daily rhythm, productivity, and well-being. We encourage you to include all of your current tasks and activities, both work and personal-related!

2. Do

focus on execution

The next crucial step is to follow your plan and actually carry out all of your tasks. Prioritizing will keep you in check and always working towards what matters most! Becoming aware of your personal energy (its 4 different types and how they work) will significantly help you to be more productive and balanced.

3. Grow

reflect, learn, and improve

  • Reflect on your daily results
  • Get data-driven insights on your performance
  • Add recommended actions to your daily schedule
  • Learn from super condensed knowledge

The quickest path to growth is to learn from our own experiences. But to do that we need to be aware of the lessons we are being taught.

This is why the final step of the cycle is to reflect on a regular basis so that we can learn from our mistakes (and victories) and integrate these learnings into our future actions.