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Uncommon Wisdom: Charlie Astley

“Uncommon Wisdom” is about sharing those habits or stories that we wouldn’t normally think to share. There’s so much talk about morning routines and self-care practices these days but a lot of it can seem kind of superficial or maybe just predictable and repetitive.

This is why we asked a bunch of high-performing creatives and entrepreneurs a few questions about awareness, energy, and productivity. We wanted to learn something a bit more unexpected, and here’s what we found out.

Who is Charlie Astley?

Charlie Astley is an English-born office manager currently living as a nomad but usually based in London. He enjoys traveling to all parts of the world and loves anything that includes football and hiking mountains. He longs for happiness, health, and wealth within himself and wishes that to anyone he encounters on his adventures. Some of Charlie’s passions include Chelsea’s FC, dogs, yummy veggie foods, mindfulness, and spending time in nature.
Charlie Astley

#1. What's something unexpected or uncommon that made you more aware?

Addiction. I think most people’s idea of addiction is that you’ll spiral out of control, sometimes even to the point of no return. I noticed myself becoming addicted to a lot of things, be it coffee, video games or marijuana. All these I perceive as positive if used in moderation. However, if abused, and this applies to everything in life, you can end up very dependant and often chasing a certain feeling you once had. Being addicted to these made me realise how much better I felt in a natural state (or in nature itself), and that these vices can be somewhat beneficial as long as they’re not a habit. I’m now aware that if I get into an unhealthy habit with anything, it can lose its quality and benefits.

#2. What's something unexpected or uncommon that gives you energy?

Being outside of my comfort zone. For years now I’ve dreaded and despised public speaking or presenting. I’ve noticed, however, that the moment I finish presenting, I instantly get a rush of excitement and I’m full of energy. This is surely connected to feelings of achievement and relief but it’s also about pushing yourself to do something you’re scared of and then overcoming that fear. It feels great to do something you dislike (within reason!) because it means there’s one less difficult or tedious task to do.

#3. What's something unexpected or uncommon that makes you more productive?

Whiskey blues. I used to stick to pretty much two genres of music and I’d use these for all of my moods – chilling, working out, getting in a spirit to go boogie, being in the feels. Recently I discovered a few Whiskey Blues playlists (on Youtube) and my work and productivity has shot through the roof! Maybe it’s because I don’t know the lyrics so I’m not distracted by singing along, but the instruments and the deep love I feel when hearing these melodies gives me motivation for everything.
Charlie Astley

#4. What does your morning ritual look like?

I turn my alarm off, say at least 10 things that I’m grateful for and feel each one individually. I then place my left foot on the ground and say “thank”, followed by my right foot and “you”. Before I’ve even left my room I’ve already said 11 things I’m grateful for (11 is my special number). I brush my teeth and if I’m in the mood to work out I usually get this done first thing so I feel accomplished, energised, and I’m not thinking about it for the rest of the day!

#5. What does your evening ritual look like?

I enjoy making food. It’s therapeutic to me. I like to put a playlist on and try new recipes while snacking along the way. Other than that, I like watching a series I’m into before bed. Something I’d love to get back into is reading a list of things from my vision board. I had a practice in which I would read the list first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Often I’d go to bed and check off the ones that I had accomplished that day, believing the rest would manifest in my sleep.
You can find Charlie at @cjastley

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