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Uncommon Wisdom: Nickolay Stoichkov

“Uncommon Wisdom” is about sharing those habits or stories that we wouldn’t normally think to share. There’s so much talk about morning routines and self-care practices these days but a lot of it can seem kind of superficial or maybe just predictable and repetitive.

This is why we asked a bunch of high-performing creatives and entrepreneurs a few questions about awareness, energy, and productivity. We wanted to learn something a bit more unexpected, and here’s what we found out.

Who is Nickolay Stoichkov?

Nickolay Stoichkov is a director, producer, and a creator at studio NO BLINK. The studio has produced 20 short films, a web series, the feature film “A Dose of Happiness”, a media for Bulgarian cinema, and a streaming platform exclusively for Bulgarian movies in the span of 6 years. At the moment they are actively working on a film series for a global streaming platform. Nicky’s main mission is to revive the love of Bulgarian people for their native cinema.
Nickolay Stoichkov

#1. What's something unexpected or uncommon that made you more aware?

Calmness and rest after every critical and more difficult period of my life. I cultivate awareness during this time as I reflect and make some changes.

#2. What's something unexpected or uncommon that gives you energy?

People give me the biggest amount of energy. Both the ones in my personal life and the ones I get to work with. Change also gives me energy.

#3. What's something unexpected or uncommon that makes you more productive?

Organizing and structuring all my tasks properly makes me productive. I first write out all the projects I’m going to be working on, and then I describe all the tasks according to each project. I allocate time for each task from the week ahead. When I do this practice on Monday morning I succeed to tackle my entire workload for the week.
Nickolay Stoichkov

#4. What does your morning ritual look like?

My morning routine is a wonderful time for me. It includes the following steps:

  • waking up
  • bathroom time
  • a quick check of what’s happening in the world
  • breakfast
  • reading
  • exercising
  • preparing for the day

#5. What does your evening ritual look like?

My evening routine is kind of abstract and has no particular structure. It includes elements such as pleasant conversations, watching movies, a series or TV, a light meal, sex, some time set aside for relaxation, and other similarly pleasant activities.
You can find Nickolay at @nicky_stoichkov

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