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Who's Awera and what is she all about?

What do you think is the most important skill for not only surviving, but thriving in today’s world?

Is it intelligence or kindness? Maybe it’s grit or open mindedness…. How about flexibility or creativity?

We believe it’s awareness. A concept which can sound a bit too abstract or ambiguous, awareness has become a truly pivotal point for us — not only in finding our voice as a brand, but also in building our product from scratch.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, awareness is the knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience.

What does this have to do with Awera?

There are many qualities and practices which are necessary during the journey of personal growth. Wishing to learn, being honest with oneself, reflecting on a daily basis, being able to accept criticism — to name a few important ones.

But digging a lot deeper in order to get to the root of things, we were always led to awareness. A fascinating realization struck us — awareness is the foundation for everything else. Its practice is so essential and powerful, that it can unlock and enable all other characteristics and practices one needs when embarking on a journey towards knowing and improving oneself.

When you practice awareness, you shine light onto things. They become clearer and easier to understand and examine. This, therefore, makes changing them that much easier.

This conviction is what we are incorporating into the philosophy, but also the practicality of Awera.

The app is facilitating and encouraging you to practice greater awareness when it comes to:

  • your daily priorities ― being aware of what those are, so you can provide them with the biggest amount of focus and energy
  • your day design ― so you can plan and design your days in the most optimal way, while understanding where your time and energy are being invested
  • your long-term vision ― and how it translates into your short-term goals and plans on a daily and weekly basis
  • your strengths and weaknesses ― so you can focus on leveraging your strengths, while getting your weaknesses to a basic level of sufficiency
  • your personal energy ― how it works, how you can renew it and expand it, why is it so important for your wellbeing and success
  • your roles in life ― all of us have numerous different roles (personally, in our relationships, and in our work) which all require our time and energy

Awareness has become our secret ingredient for the most nutritious recipe for productivity and wellness. It’s like a granny’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe where, without the secret touch, the cookies are still pretty tasty and everybody loves them. But that extra addition, maybe it’s cream cheese or coconut, sure goes a long way!

So unexpected and subtle, yet somehow has the power to transform the entire thing and make it a whole lot better.

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Awareness at the center of our brand and identity

We fell in love with the concept of awareness and the way it can be applied throughout our product and user experience. Once we realized its power and significance, it became clear to us — it deserves to be at the very center of everything we do and everything we are.

This is how our name Awera came to life. It symbolizes the aware one — the one who desires to improve, to look deeper, to always move forward.

One of our core beliefs is that by cultivating a greater sense of awareness, we have the potential to transform our lives way beyond our productivity levels. This is what we plan to do.

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Yasmin Tezdjan

Head of Marketing & Community